Charlie Demanuele

Charlie Demanuele -  Race Director, Organiser, Athlete

Charlie Demanuele hails from a bodybuilding background having won a number of championship titles who eventually turned his attention to Ultra Distance racing. Charlie is considered to be one of the pioneers of endurance triathlon racing in Malta, having been one of the first triathletes to tackle an Ironman race back in 1992.

Through his targeted time went off the mark due to a broken arm sustained during the race he still managed to complete the distance in a very respectable time of 12 hours.

Not put off from racing after this incident Charlie came out of the experience more determined and went on to complete a further three Ironman races, each time registering an improved time.

Charlie so far is the only Maltese triathlete to have taken part and successfully completed a double Ironman race, having taken part in 2009.

Charlie’s love of the sport and his passion to introduce the Maltese triathlon community to the sport of endurance racing saw him the first 113k triathlon race in May 1995, a race which was won by David Galea, a triathlete which still is racing and still hold the best Ironman race time for the Maltese male category to date.

Over the years the popularity of this race has grown, and the introduction of relay teams has seen athletes graduate to full distance racing in subsequent years.  2014 saw the highest amount of foreign participation.

Charlie is a qualified personal trainer and nutrition advisor and when time permits enjoys trekking especially in the Dolomites.