Dining Out


Malta’s gastronomy is based upon fresh seasonal products and sea food which make up a variety of recipes to suit a wide variety of discerning palates.   Flavours inspired by successive conquerers of the islands from North Africa, Eastern Mediterranean Regions, Italy as well as British have put together an extremely rich and varied cuisine.  

The enjoyment of good food has always been central to the Mediterranean lifestyle and to this effect a number of good quality restaurants can be found around the island.  It is possible to eat very well on almost any budget, but do take notice of recommendations from the locals!  

The Maltese love their food so portions tend to be quite large. Do ask when ordering - in some places a three course meal might be too much to handle!

After a busy weekend, most restaurants close on Monday, but this is not necessarily the rule, best to ask before going.

Maltese food highlights:

Picnic lunches are a great way of sampling Maltese food, whilst exploring the islands.  Fresh local bread with fresh tomatoes or tomato paste, served with local goats cheese, known as gbejna, olives, onions and tuna is a cheap and cheerful yet tasty way of experiencing a popular Maltese snack.

Snacks and appetizers are quite popular on the island with Pastizzi (made from ricotta cheese or a green pea mixture stuffed inside pastry) being very popular and can be found in most cafes and little kiosks knows as pastizzerias - beware though, they are addictive and not necessarily the healthiest of foods!

If you are into sweets, imqaret are a must. A deep fried snack of dates wrapped up in pastry is best eaten freshly cooked and warm. Similar to pastizzi they are irresistible and too many might not be good for your waistline!

PS....having said that you deserve a treat after taking part in the Garmin Malta 113k Tri!